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namaste everyone..

April 27, 2008

heheh..long time no hear, right? i’ve been kind of busy lately and am not feeling very well..i have a fever u know..yay! finally i’ve gotten a nephew! elman uqail, isn’t his name so sweet and symbolises a perfect person? i dont know what’s the meaning of his name but it surely means something good, naa? friends and i had just celebrated my dormate’s birthday on 23rd of april..nasnie elya ‘aqila..she was so happy because her best friend was there that night..but now, she’s a bit upset and frustrated because she lost her mp4..what to do? we’ve no idea if she misplaced her mp4..btw, my mid-term is comin..and it’s APRIL ALREADY!!! wow! only bout 4 months left for trial and 6 months for the REAL SPM!! for those who don’t know what SPM is, it means Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia..a particular exam in Malaysia, that will decide one’s future, to study abroad or locally afterwards..i really wish i can further my studies in engineering in London or U.K. next year..i hope so..keep praying for the best.

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