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October 27, 2008

hmm, it’s kind of know that my hubby, Shah Rukh Khan, the Baadshah of Bollywood, is going to be rewarded the Datukship. a malaysian honour. yes, really funny. the reason is because shahrukh has helped promoted melaka internationally in his films ‘one 2 ka 4’ and ‘don’. nway, way to go, shahrukh! u earn my respect for receiving the ‘datuk’ title. i can’t wait to see u in malaysia again. u r coming to malaysia next month right? november? u said u will try 2 make it in november..oh, i hope u’ll come in december. bcoz by that time, i’ve already finished taking my SPM examination. finish. really, i hope u’ll come in december. plz, plz, plz…i wanna see u.i wanna meet u. it has been a year since u last came to malaysia. the last time is in november 2007 right? kitni baar? shayaad, sath baar, naa? well, i wish shah rukh all the best..hamesha hamesha ke liye..and for myself as well. keeping fingers crossed for my excellent results 10 1As in SPM and for shah rukh to come to malacca in december 2008.[signing off]


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  1. yea!i know youDATIN HAJJAH DARINA SRKDK


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