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May 14, 2009

Guys, guys, guys!

I beg you. Please don’t make my life more miserable. You’re making my condition graver than ever by restricting those who can read your blogs! AHHHHHHHH!


Love notes to these people;

Farz – sehingga kini kumasih belum mendapat apa-apa ‘jemputan’ drpd kamu

Thyra aka Phadden – ku juga masih belum mendapat apa-apa ‘jemputan’

Tkapad – Simple. Don’t follow these two nutties up here. Haha. Gile la diriku begini. dh bg
id, till now no invite.


Whoever wants to make their blogs private, immediately send an invitation to me.

Here. (ehem.. ehem.. not for publicity purpose ;D)
[Point to note: It’s, not or or alright]

I know, you’re welcome ;p

  1. oho.aku salah .com. tu haha.

  2. heh,ak nye blog takkan private dun worrymerepek meraban je kt blog:D

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