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What Is Going On?

July 12, 2009

Just sat for the Physics and Chemistry tests two nights ago. The subjects that I fear since I was in form 4. LOL. Yea, but still.. I think I did quite good for both (READ: QUITE good, not REALLY good). LOL. I will never use the word REALLY good for these two subjects. LOL.

Amalina Syafiqah Zakaria. Now, who is this girl? A dear friend of mine. Not AMALINA ZAKARIAH okay?? LOL. If Amalina Zakariah is AZ, then this girl is known as MALIN. Yup, Malin. She was my classmate before she moved out of the uni to enter CUCMS (Cyberjaya University College for Medical Sciences. A person who loves Korean movies and actors as much as I am for Bollywood, who can stretch smile on people’s face even the person barely knows her. LOL. She got to know that she was offered to do Medicine under JPA on the 30th of June and she was supposed to register on the 2nd of July. Ain’t that crazy? Finally, she made up her mind to go to CUCMS though her heart was against her mind. And yea, she came back to the uni last Friday to visit us and stayed for a night. Miss us ain’t you, Malin? ;P

Great news for me! I managed to win 2 tickets from the radio for the The Merchants of Bollywood musical theatre I mentioned in my earlier post! So excited! Because one ticket costs RM 303! And I got two! Yet I’m still undecided whether to watch it or not. But I definitely will if Shah Rukh is REALLY coming!! Yay!! Who’s gonna be my partner? Malin! LOL. She has promised me before she moved out of the uni to accompany me as she is also fond of Bollywood. Oh yea, I could have gotten 2 more tickets of the exact cost (meaning SPECIAL seats) by exchanging the newspaper cuttings I’ve collected last two weeks for those two tickets. But distance draws us apart. Heh. Well, let’s see if I would get to go to the place required.

Unfortunately, a sad news for me. Andy is going to Sarawak. Another dear friend of mine and also my classmate. He’s going this Tuesday. Oh, I will miss him. Excuse me, don’t get any wrong thoughts in your mind, okay? We’re like brother and sister. Because he likes to behave childishly. LOL. Oh yea, wanna know his name? It’s TENGKU AZROEYAZWANDY TENGKU AZIZI… Sorry Andy if I mispell your name ;P That’s only what I could remember. LOL. It’s supposed to be longer. And he’s from Kelantan. Never mind, I can meet him when I go to my cousin’s house in Sarawak next time. Hain naa, Andy? =D

Oh gosh, 2 more tests coming up. The Mathematics test, and the Computing test. My head will explode out of stress!

*Congratulations Shah Rukh dear! For being conferred the British doctorate honour by the University of Bedfordshire! July 10, 2009.. another memorable date for you. I’m SOOOO PROUD of you! Muah!*

Shah Rukh The King with Gauri The Queen
(say nothing about this picture above)


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