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Girls Night Out

September 13, 2009

I just got back from ‘kampung’ this afternoon. Around 5++ pm. Tired? Not really. Been sleeping all the way from ‘kampung’ back to my home sweet home =)

110909 – A really fabulous day for me and of course other Valourians who attended the gathering. ;D I’ve mentioned about the gathering in my previous post and the idea was initiated by Syella. Yep. Mady and I planned to go to the Mid in the afternoon so that we got more time to shop around. =P Hehe… but the night before I was so busy as I had to finish all my reports which needed to be sent on that 110909. Three reports. A group work they were actually, but my group members were SOOOOOO ****** that I thought it was a waste asking them to do their parts. Everything would go haywire. Trust me. I indeed skipped one lecture and one tutorial class that morning just for the sake of that reports. Haiz… So, I managed to finish them up at around 12 pm and rushed to INTEC to meet Mady. Wrong. There’s a twist in the story. Nabilah Zamani aka Bella drove Mady and her friends to pick me up at Section 2. Mind you, I was freaking frightened sitting in the car! Bella was driving like furious! Haha. Then, we dropped by at Tqasha’s place for her to get changed and all. Bella then drove us all to the KTM station.

Cutting the story short, we reached the Mid at around 3 pm and started shopping. I didn’t buy much as nothing was in my interest. Mady, as usual spent her money like crazy buying one top and 4 jeans if I’m not mistaken. Haha. And they all cost only RM100++. Can you believe that???! Geez. As for Tqasha, she ended up with a nice white cardigan. We walked and kinda window-shopped after that and bumped into so many Valourians. Hugged, cried, blew kisses, complimented each other and all that and it was nearing 6.30 pm. Time to get ready for fast-breaking! ;D Our venue was the ‘Little Penang Cafe’. One by one came to the cafe and all were like hysterically crying and screaming when we saw each other I thought I had that tiny bit feeling of do-I-need-to-feel-embarassed-because-everyone-is-looking-at-us. LOL XD. Everyone took their seat and the waiters started taking orders. Oh yea, I ordered Fresh Coconut and Penang Prawn Mee which was quite tasty and delicious. Mouth-watering? Not really. And I spent RM15.60 on that only! It wasn’t worth it much. We chatted and chatted and chatted while eating till 40 minutes before Isya’. Hehe. All of us sped off to the surau but mind you, I was surprised to see a long queue in front of the surau.

Cutting the story short again, as soon as we were done with the Maghrib prayer, most of us went to the Food Court to have our second meal. Haha. *Perut lembu kan?* XD I ordered Chicken Chop Rice which was just a waste of money I guess. And I was delighted to see Azura there! Missed her, really. Done with eating, we started our shopping again! XD Then off to UM! All in all, it was a very pleasant night to be finally meeting you guys again. =) But it was short time actually. Didn’t get enough of it. We need to do this more often!

*In the end, I just bought two magazines – Filmfare and Stardust. Never mind, both are Bollywood magazines. xP*

  1. i'm gonna miss you a lotjgn lupe anta ak kt airport 😉

  2. aq pon.. huhu insyaAllah aq anta ko kt airport.

  3. weh…aku bli 2 jeans je la..

  4. ahahah ye ke? so wrong info la ni? xP

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