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Ramblings At 2 AM

September 14, 2009

Somehow I just knew that it’s Blogger’s birthday today. Or yesterday? I don’t really know. xP No wonder there’s a small pic of cake on the Blogger icon up on the sign in page…

What have you done Tkapad? I couldn’t stop listening to that Takin Back My Love song from your page!! It’s driving me nuts because it keeps playing in my head! Like every second! XD How can I stop it from getting stuck in my head? LOL!

To Jia, so sorry that you cut your finger. I can see that it’s quite a deep cut. Hope you’ll get well soon. =)

To Hans, I thought you were back in Terengganu. Having headaches huh? xP Hmmm, seems like your lectures and assignments are holding you back, eh? ;P Or should I say someone? XD

To Tkapad, don’t be sad okay? InsyaAllah I will send you at the airport on the 30th Sept right? You’re lucky you have to check in early, or else I wouldn’t have been able to come. Because it’s my first day of my final exam. I have Physics on that day. Heh. It’s hard to bid farewell to you, but don’t let emotions get into our heads okay? Hope you’ll do a very great, splendid job there in Egypt and please post as soon as you reach there. We surely don’t wanna miss a single thing on your trip to Egypt. ;D And please please please, don’t act or behave like we’re not going to meet each other again. Like I always say, “Kabhi alvida naa kehna – Never say goodbye. Because it crushes the hope of meeting each other again.” ;D Hope I won’t cry on that particular day. =)

Signing off,

  1. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehnahahax dpt x pe ahak ajak je ;)nex year confirm ak blk nye

  2. u misinterpreted my msg la ckp naseb bek flight ko mlm, ko check in ptg tu. sng gakla aq nk dtg. psl dat day yg ko fly tu, aq first day final. huhu, dont worry. insyaAllah i'll be there.

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