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Special Entry

April 26, 2010

Hey all!! Haha. Finally, finally my blog is alive again. What can I say? I just love my blog though it’s left with no updates in the past few weeks. ;P Oh, how does my new blog template look like? Loving it to every bit! xD This time, I thought of giving it a darker feel. Hehe. After searching for ‘Mr. Right’ for hours and days, yea, you heard me, DAYS, finally I zeroed in on this theme. x) Few days ago, I stumbled upon this one sentence from a blog. “Why do you create a blog if you’re too lazy to update it?” DUSH. Right in my face. Hahaha. Plus, now my bestie, Dila has created her own blog and she keeps forcing me to update so I think I’ve got back my blogging spirit. Wuahahaha. xP

Have I mentioned SRK has joined Twitter?? And it has been a complete 116 days since his first tweet on Jan. 2nd. (my best New Year gift ever and a splendid way to start 2010 with!!! xD)

“hi everyone. being extremely shy i never thought i would be here. but my friend @kjohar25 insisted that i should learn to share my life.”

He is the first B-town celebrity ever to gather approx. 18,000+ followers in 24 hours and he’s the MOST followed Bollywood celebrity till date, having overtaken Priyanka Chopra who gathered 200,000+ in a year. Hehe. See the difference?? ;D Just a coupla days before, me and my fellow Tweeple (oh we got lotsa name for these Twitterers ;P) celebrated you-know-who’s success for crossing the 300,000 followers mark and now he got himself as many as 307,058 followers. ;D Sorry your eyes gotta play with numbers. You know I can never stop whenever I talk about him. Teehee xD And oh, he tweets everyday, usually around 4.30 am in the morning Malaysian time so you can definitely guess I wake up very early each morning to tweet him. But of course before that I do my assignments or revision. (;P) You ought to know this man, not as an actor, but as a human being because what attracts me the most about him is his personality, character, and philosophies in life. Well, of course, aside from his cute, good looks, charm, gorgeousness, wittiness, intelligence, and sense of humor. Hehe. Personally, I love him more as SRK the man than SRK the actor. x)

*Please don’t ask me whether he’s the real one or a fake on Twitter because he IS the real one. Woh asli hai. His account is already verified. x)

Oh, coming to the core, this entry is indeed special because I’m gonna talk about something not everyone has the privilege to witness this themselves. Even me, as yet. 🙂 Have you heard about ‘Sejadah berdiri?’ Yea. The thing that some of the people believe in, but at the same time it triggers curiosity of its truth. This whole thing started to make headlines I think a coupla years back but it was very rare at that point of time for most of the people to be convinced by the news. Where a prayer mat can stand on its own. Not literally, but forming a shape where we perhaps thought that some string has been tied on the mat that it can stand on its own. (Maybe stand isn’t the right word. ;P) Okay so later come few more news about the same thing and somewhere down the line, I knew some of them are true if not all. Because I believe in Allah’s power. He is the Most Almighty and this was perhaps His sign to remind us to stick to the right path, His path. But somehow some made a joke out of it.

Okay, so yesterday my mom asked me to take a look at a pic in her laptop. And so I went. Yep. Got some kinda eerie feeling about the pic. Went back to her. Told her that I’ve seen few of that kinda same pics on the net. But then she exclaimed. “Ni kat rumah kak shitahla!” Gosh. O.O =O My heart skipped a huge beat! A prayer mat that stood on its own and I definitely recognize that spot in my cousin’s house. Here’s the picture.

I quickly took a second look and examined the pic in my mom’s phone. SubhanAllah… Oh my God, this really scared the hell outta me!!! This is NO f**king joke I tell ya! =O I mean, just now, I just Google-d on the net for the same pics. But most of them don’t have the same position or shape or whatever it is like this one! And they all look the same with each other. This is SO different. If you study the pic carefully, just look at it. Take a close, long look. It takes the shape of someone sitting in the ‘Tahiyat akhir’ position, performing solat. And definitely in the direction of the Qiblat! =O And there was nothing inside the mat. I mean, a kid or whoever might be. I still feel something, perhaps of horror, every time I look at this pic, even till now. The first to notice the prayer mat in that position was my cousin, fondly called as kak shitah. This was at the area in the front living room, where my uncle used to perform solat. Kak shitah was passing by and saw that the prayer mat was a little bit high in position if you think it was on the floor. And when she finally saw it, she was numbed. She was speechless, fear-stricken, and certainly full of curiosity. She said it was surreal but she and even her brother were scared to leave the mat that way. Then she sat down on a nearby couch. Her father was there, sleeping. She didn’t want to wake him up so she called her mother. And as soon as the whole house found out, they knew that this was something bizarre and straightly informed us, cousins. My uncle’s brother who is pious himself, was called to the house and he touched the mat to know if the mat’s soft or the opposite and it’s soft. So there’s no way someone would play a prank and tie a string or thread on the mat to the fan on the ceiling. It’s so impossible. I mean, the shape or figure it took was so perfect. This odd phenomenon happened at around 3 pm on Sunday, and the prayer mat stayed that way till midnight, when my uncle decided to bring the mat out of its form. (Pardon my English. -.-)

And so family by family came to my cousin’s house till night to witness the phenomenon. This was something I think we should regard as a reminder from Allah, that we should never forget, whether intentionally or otherwise, to pray, to perform solat, to worship only Him, because solat is the pillar of Islam. Now, if only I went back to kampung on that weekend, we would surely get to witness this wonder of Allah right in front of us. You know, one will only truly believe it when it happens to you or your family. And now, every time azan, the call to prayer is heard, I will look at this pic because it brings a sense of repentance and fear. 🙂 And yea, I did ask my cousin to record a video.

So, what do you think is the moral of the story? 🙂

[Tuesday, April 27, 2:21 am]

  1. dorin.agk cntik blog ko..hehe.seram dela..

  2. so wheres the video? post it lahi think i almost fall asleep reading the first few lines about srk..hehe takdelah main je. btw, i think the standing-mat thing cool, sebab it happened around u, so it means, it happened for real, its not just some stupid internet junks..i strictly do not believe this kinda stuff at first, of course la kan..its like listening to a handphone that talks on its own..but now yeah..i have a fren yg nampak sejadah berdiri, and that makes ME kinda cool..hehehe. aku dh boleh buat essay kat sini. sorry to bore u but its fun.

  3. the moral of the story, please update ur blog..=) hepi posting!err, doreen..seram ni, nak g solat asar babai!!!!!

  4. ifa ; hehe mucas gracias. seram ke? wahahaha. xPnina ; video? will meet my cousin tu later and ask for it from her. 😀 aku pun excited ni nk tgk. ;P ahaha, i tried to shorten the paragraph about srk. so that's the result yg aku rasa pendek, padat dan tepat. Lol. alaaa, buat je la essay ko tu, love reading it la. lgpun, ko lg terer dr aku so of cos no prob! ;Ddila ; WUAHAHAHA wokayh! fom now on akan rajin update! xD hoho singgahla sini len kali ye tgk gmba ni lg. xPoh, pardon my bad english. -.-"

  5. woahh.berabuk da blog ko ni ;p

  6. hehehhe, cantik blog,aku baru berkesempatan melawat.. chewah`

  7. farz ; ahahaha tu la pasal. ni nk 'membersihkan' balik la habuk2 tu. xPshazrin ; ehehehe pnat au aku cari blog template ni. ;P eh eh, jgnla melawat. dtg je. xD

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. errr which pic is awesome?? hehe ;Pmehza make a blog! abhi issi waqt! ;D i know!! so freaky and scary yaar!!! -.-" tell me wot's your mom's reaction to this!

  10. oh the prayer mat pic i meant. darina can u please delete d user name from my last comment? i tried to remove it, but got the comment deleted. nd ya i'm working on my blog now :p.. do upload more pics & videos. =)

  11. sorry honey, u can't. if not, the comment will be deleted. hehe.aaahhh, ur having a blog now! great! ;D keep updating!

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