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On A Mother’s Day

May 9, 2010

It has only been almost 10 hours since I just met other Valourians. Well, just a small get-together over lunch. Hehe. Chut, Dila, Farz, Mady, and me. Thanks a lot for agreeing to see each other! Hahaha. And as usual, I couldn’t stop babbling about you-know-who as soon as I met them, kan kan kannn?? xP Oh, first of all thanks a ton to Chut’s GPS I only trailed her car, need not worrying over driving Farz to wrong destinations. xP Or worst of all, panicking for such thing that might’ve had happened if I really were to drive to Mady’s place without Chut. Eheh. -.- Next, thanks (la sangat) tu Dila to finally agree on seeing us! Oh, she has been rejecting my request several times already. Too many excuses. Haha. And oh Dila, I can REALLY drive, okayyy. Smug. xD But most important, thanks to Farzzzz, she agreed to come though she lives a bit far from us all and I just asked her yesterday night out of over excitement! Last minute planning. Hehe. ;D Mady, memang best ah dapat jumpa kau balik! xD All in all, had a great time though for just a few hours. 🙂

Oh, today’s Mother’s Day. I thought it was yesterday. But luckily, I hadn’t wished my mom yesterday else I’d spoil everything. Haha. And would feel embarrassed too of course. ;P Thought of buying something for my beloved mom when I went out just now but then my sister had done what should’ve been done by me. 😉 So, after I got back, after Asar, all 4 of us went to the master bedroom and wished mom Happy Mother’s Day and handed her the gift. Chocolate gift! In which she was very happy to receive it since it’s her fave! ;D But I know the real gift your hoping for from us is to see your daughters and sons to succeed in life, in whatever we do. And I know I haven’t been fulfilling your wish lately, and I feel horrible for that. Really. :'((( T_T But am waiting for the right moment to bounce back (since it’s holidays -.-“) and make you and dad, and my siblings, proud of me, since I’m the eldest and holding the hugest responsibility for being so. Will try to make up for my mistakes in the past and study harder, and prove to all I can be what you think I can be. x) Aaahhh, am being emotional. -.- Will gift you that I promise! 😀

p/s: Hope to see you guys again yea! Well, at least before you fly! 😉 Will pray for all! ;D Oh, include me in your prayers too. 😉
Wanted to dedicate a whole post for you makkk, but will just keep it to myself. Special la sikit. Heeee x)

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