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0711 – Another Memorable, Unforgettable Experience

November 8, 2010

Okay, so people! I succeeded in trying to meet SRK and this is the second time for me! x)) It certainly was worth it!!! So my journey began on Saturday. That noon, I went to the airport where I knew he was going to land at and asked for some info regarding his arrival time etc etc but the lady at the info counter told me there was no booking for his private jet and I started to fidget. Then I tried asking for the number of an airport officer I met last April, the last time SRK was in Malaysia and after few attempts, I managed to get hold of the number. He then told me SRK was going to arrive on Sunday, between 2-3 pm.

The next day I went to the airport at noon and waited for few hours. Of course, I brought books to revise since the next 2 days I would be having an exam, which was today. πŸ˜› Then at 4pm Malaysian Time, he arrived and this time I found a corner which got me closer to them. Hehehe. As random people are not allowed to enter the private jet area. So I clicked few pics and when the car he was in passed by I waved to him and he waved back!! Aryan too!! Who was beside him. Heheh. Oh, I was the only fan there. But there were few others who coincidentally happened to be there. They were definitely among the lucky few. πŸ˜›

Then, my informer told me about the hotel he was staying in but he wasn’t quite sure. Nevertheless I went to that hotel and waited but my instinct told me he’s not there. Then, I called the taxi driver who drove me to that hotel earlier. Hahah man, he was so sporting! We talked about SRK and Bollywood the whole time I was in the cab! xP He was thrilled at my enthusiasm and even encouraged me to go look for him even though we got the wrong info. Then we drove around KL, went to every 5-star hotel I knew he has once stayed at before. I went to this one hotel. I saw the car he traveled in earlier from the airport and screamed and literally jumped in the cab!! I knew I have seen that car somewhere before no wonder it looks familiar. Turned out he stayed at the same hotel like the last time. The driver just laughed at me and wished me luck. ^.^ Asked the hotel porter if Shah Rukh was really there but he tried to trick me. πŸ˜› He asked first if I was alone or with friends and later when he saw that i’m truly confident about SRK being there, he told me that SRK went out for shopping for awhile with Aryan and Arjun, his nephew, and few seconds after that, the man himself showed up!! xD My heart skipped HUGE beats!!! He was in a casual attire. The second he walked in I walked up to him and said “Hi, Shah Rukh!” He turned at me and said “Hi. Assalamualaikum” Gosh. You don’t know how much I melted to hear his voice, his eyes looking directly into mine while speaking!! We shook hands and for a second I was blank when I looked into his face. He just stared at me while walking and I said that I just feel like crying. And he said “Come come. Take a picture first. Take a picture first.” I gave my camera to his bodyguard and he took our pic. Then I was just about to say something to Shah Rukh but he was rushing as he had to get ready for the function, and said to me “I got some work, darling. I have to go to a function.” WHOA. He just called me DAHLIIIIING??? O.O” ‘Darling’ + his romantic voice = Me swooned. He then asked me to pass my message or if I have anything for him to his bodyguard and he went to his room. I waited until he showed up again. And after less than an hour, he walked out from the lift. Man, he looked SO DAMN DASHING in his suit!!!! With a red tie, red glasses. I nearly fainted!!! Love his style! And of course he is MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE HANDSOME in real life!! But as soon as the bodyguard saw me (note that it wasn’t Yaseen), he went like oh-no-you-can’t-come-any-closer. But I kept saying to Shah Rukh, ignoring the bodyguard, asking him that if I could see him when he got back. He stopped in front of me and asked “What do you want what do you want darling?” In such a sweet tone. And he told me he’ll see me later. And so he went. But he was only waiting for his colleagues, another 3 Bollywood actresses which included Anjana Sukhani, outside the hotel. As he waited, I watched him from behind the walls, hahah as I was kinda embarrassed. πŸ˜› After all, I’m alone. And so they went. I went to buy some clothes after that as I thought I might have to spend the night there. While waiting for him, I saw Aryan and Arjun just came back from shopping because I saw Aryan holding some play stuff in his hands. I called out his name and waved, and he smiled back. Awww, his smile is so much like his dad’s! x))) Sooo cute! Then I went to him and asked if I could have a picture taken with him but he said that he’s not allowed to actually. And he said thank you. Awwwwww, how cuteeeeee!! xD And he has a deep Indian accent. So I just said good night to him and he went back to his room.

Later at 1 am, Shah Rukh came back from the function. There was no one in the lobby except for me and a few hotel staffs. I was getting sleepy so there wasn’t much energy left in me hence the picture. Hahah. But the instant he saw me, he went to me and asked if I wanted anything. Thank God this time the bodyguard didn’t interfere. I said that I have something for him. And gave him my letter and Sharmiela’s. As I know that if I stare and look into his eyes I would go blank so just played safe by writing down all that I want to say to him in a letter. More like a love letter. xD Well, that was what happened during my first meeting with him. Couldn’t say a word. I was speechless. I said Happy Belated Birthday to him and he thanked me. His birthday was on Nov. 2nd so it’s still not that late to wish him again. πŸ˜€ I was embarrassed as he just looked at me while I took out those letters from my bag. Then we went silent for a second. He stared at me and I stared back at him. Dang. I told you my mind couldn’t function properly. It’s still digesting the fact that Shah Rukh Khan is right in front of my eyes and I’m actually speaking to him!! So I asked him if I could take another picture with him as the first one was quite blurry. At that point he put his arm around me. πŸ˜€ And whoa, his grip was so strong that I couldn’t move an inch! Seriously I’m telling ya. And I felt short and petite. Hahah. The bodyguard clicked the camera but he seemed to be like oh-no-how-is-this-thing-supposed-to-function. Shah Rukh said something to him in Hindi but I could make out what he was saying. He said something like “wait until the picture comes out.” He kept repeating and I wanted to go to the bodyguard to show him how to use the camera but Shah Rukh’s hand on my shoulder prevented me. πŸ˜› He then took me under the lights as he said it’s brighter there. And we took another one and I thanked him. I really think Shah Rukh looked his best in this pic. I mean, compared to the Shah Rukh at the function, I like this one better! ;D You know how he likes his hair done. πŸ˜› Then I said to him that his fans on Twitter are all very worried that he hadn’t come online lately. Not as much as usual. And he replied that he has started to get bored because people write nonsense things. He just chuckled. I think he just wanted a short break from Twitter. I was surprised when he said that. And the ‘people’ I think refers to the haters. So, I asked him when he would be leaving and he said “Tomorrow darling, tomorrow.” His tone was like awww-i’m-sorry-i’m-leaving-tomorrow. Oh during the whole talking, he kept patting my head, rubbing my back. I felt like in heaven!!! ^.^” He is definitely the MOST gentle, humble, down-to-earth superstar there ever is. The SWEETEST person you can never imagine. He’s not like other celebrities who usually keep some distance from their fans. He is in fact BIGGER than those kinda celebs. Oh my. I just feel like I don’t wanna go back!! Then he asked me, where is your house? I told him my house is a bit far so I’ll just spend the night there. He asked again, did you book a room? I said no. And he went, “Oh, why are you roaming alone??” With a worried look on his face. I said, “because I want to see you” then he smiled and pulled me and hugged me. Maaaaaaaaaan. Swoooooooned. O.O I even forgot to ask for a hug but he hugged me first!!!!! I was actually shocked it felt like I was electrified!! =O And of course, I hugged him back. That went on for few seconds. x))) I really felt I’m on top of the world. And whoa, he really has a tough and fit body!!! And he smells soooooooo niceeeeeee!!!!!!! I just love the scent of him!! He patted my head again and smiled at me. It was kinda late already and I don’t wanna disturb him. So, I said, thank you and he thanked me back. He said, “Thanks for the present.” And so off he went back to his room. And the next day my informer told me he would be leaving at midnight.

My experience may not be as good as others, but this was definitely one of the best moments in my life. I may say the BEST ever!! xD So far! ;D I think there are some lines in our conversation that I’ve forgotten because of the going-blank thingy. πŸ˜› And I even forgot to ask for his autograph!!! DANGGGGG!!! But it’s okay as long as I have pics with him, as memories to last a lifetime. :)) Urrgghhhhh. But that also means I’ll have another reason to see him the next time he comes. Oh oh. x)) Ohhhhhh I still can’t believe I met him and talked to him and hugged him and managed to hand him my letter!! I can say I was like in a whole new different world when I was with him. :)) I feel privileged as my letter and Sharmiela’s are accompanying him on his way back to India, and he can kill his time in the plane by reading our letters. And there’s a small gift for him from me. πŸ™‚ ο»ΏOh, those 10-15 minutes of my life… I will never ever forget that. x))) And I certainly deem that as an early birthday gift from Shah Rukh to me for next year! ;D As I got this year’s from the last April meeting. :)))

Oh may more wonderful moments like this await me. πŸ™‚

Last but not least, I LOVE YOU SHAH RUKH. x)) β™₯

And yeah, the thing he was holding in his hand were our special love letters to him. xP

p/s : Other pics are in my Facebook album. πŸ™‚

Signing off,

  1. you had one of the BEST SRK experiences… God bless you…thanks for sharing. It's lovely to read how beautiful SRK is with his fans.

  2. perghhh hensem la pulak aku tgok die.hahabagus2,usaha yg worth it.keep on going doreen! πŸ˜€

  3. sandidi ; thank sandidi ji. :)) i'm flattered. πŸ˜› yes. i finally got to experience first hand what a truly gem he is. x)) no wonder the whole world loves him.. :)farz ; hahaha sooooo worth it weyyyy!! xD aih. till now aku cam tak percaya aku dah ckp ngan dia. yg x leh bla dia peluk aku. aiseyman. ni nak pengsan ni -.- hahaha. nevertheless, afta ni aku akan usaha lebih gigih! ;D oh btw, dia mmg handsome. hehe

  4. OMFG, YOU CRAZY WOMAN!!! xDD LOLI can't BELIEVE the nerve you've got! hahaha and alone too? my goodness..but I have to say congrats and that you make Malaysians proud honey!x))

  5. omg bestnyaaaa!! lucky u πŸ™‚

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