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Free Ride! ;D

November 13, 2010

Hey lovelies! How was the previous post? I bet it set your pulses racing! LOL! xP I still can’t believe the luck I’ve got that I got to talk to you-know-who just last weekend. xD I got to see him all dressed up. Well, my friends on Twitter who are also SRK fanatics as I am told me I’m very very lucky to see him in clad casual attire and in his best suit. I can only thank Allah for that. x)) Alright, will stop talking about him now else you’ll get bored. πŸ˜›

So, yesterday morning I was woken up by the sound of my phone indicating a text message I just received. And it was from Farz. I was wide-eyed when she asked me if I wanted to follow her to our school in JB. Whoa. What a very last-minute plan this was. πŸ˜› It took 4 hours plus plus to reach the school. But I still asked my dad and he gave his consent so did my mom and so Farz fetched me up at my house. Ah she had a GPS so there was no problem at all. πŸ˜› We reached school at around 5. Man, how I missed school. Lots have changed and I could barely recognize my own block. xP It was called Tengku Arfah block or Block B during my time but now it’s called Fatimah block or Block A. Sorry but I kinda dislike the new name. ^.^” So me and Farz and Amor met the wardens at the warden office to inform them about our presence there, that we were going to spend a night there at Block E. And oh, when we entered the teachers’ room, man. The second Pak Kamil saw me, he went, “Siapa yang tangkap gambar dengan Shah Rukh Khan tu? Amboi, melebih-lebih pulak.” Well, I could only smile. ;P And I also met Pn Bahayah and Pakyem. Whoa. Pakyem bought a new car. πŸ˜€ So did Pak Awie. But those two lil children that I used to play with have grown up. Hakim and Haziq. πŸ˜€ They did talk much especially when they saw me. Lol. And oh Madihah is now already in Standard 1. Had a lil chat with Pn Bahayah and Pakyem and they went back home. So that night Pak Awie treated us to seafood! Yum yum! Even though the food didn’t taste that good, but thank you Pak Awie! ^.^ I was kinda embarrassed. Heheh. Then, that night Wani Mis came and I went out with her to buy some supper. πŸ˜› Ooohhh, she can drive. Hahah. I miss her!! ;D Promised her that I will come down to JB again some time in the future and sleep over at her house.

So this morning me, Farz and Amor met a few other teachers including Miss Faridah, Teacher Liza, Pn Maini, Pn Marlini, Pn Saidah, Pn Lili, Pn Norizah, Pn Jaya, Cikgu Zuraidah, Miss Raha, Pn Azian, Pn Radziah, Miss Silah, and Cik Suhana. Just knew the night before that today there would be a graduation ceremony for Form 5 students. Hahah you know what they said when they saw us? “Ohhh ada orang tangkap gamba dengan Shah Rukh Khan lah. Pegangan yang kuat bla bla bla” LOL! I could only laugh and asked how they knew about it. Miss Faridah told me Pn Jaya showed her my pic with SRK. xP And so the news spread like wild fire. πŸ˜› I dunno if Pakyem knew about this but thankfully didn’t bump into him this morning. ^.^ Or I’d have to answer questions. Don’t worry teachers, will see you again early next year with Fadhilah hopefully. :)) Am a bit sad didn’t get the chance to spend some time with all. Was rushing because Farz had something to attend to. Heh. Oh, never knew teachers would notice about my default pic. -.-” Miss Raha even texted me on my way back home, congratulating me on my accomplishment of meeting you-know-who. Since she had been my English teacher since form 2 till form 5, she definitely knew about my extreme love and admiration for you-know-who since I used to include you-know-who’s name in all my essays. πŸ˜› So I bet all the teachers might have known about it by now. xP

Thank you Farz for the free ride! ^.^ Lain kali bawak lagi eh. Hahaha. And oh, I’m going out to Mid Valley with my ex-dorm mates tomorrow noon! Excited much! ;D Been a loooooong time since I last saw them. So, fun and excitement is expected tomorrow! ;D

Signing off,

  1. oh! that's my name!! πŸ˜€

  2. hahaha nak popular lg? nnt aku buat a whole post just for u eh laling! ;D

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