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Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!

December 7, 2010

I think this is quite late but better late than never. Haha. So last Saturday Dila came to my house for a sleepover. Went to 1 Utama the next day, since she needed to see her MSU friend, Syaer. Grabbed our lunch at the Seoul Garden and that was my first time eating Korean food yo! ;D Been craving for it for months! And finally I had my wish! I must say the total price which was RM33/RM34 was worth it and affordable since I ate like there was no tomorrow. I will definitely go there again! And oh, did i say what movie we watched??

Jyeaahh! That’s right! We watched Rapunzel: The Tangled Tale in 3D!! Man, i must say this is the best Disney movie ever to me! So far ;P Why?? Because it’s hilarious, it has the sad elements too though not that much, the songs are cool, the storyline is captivating which is very different from the original, plus the super duper cute characters just got you glued to your seat! Watching this movie in 3D is way better i tell you. Worth it. The effects are more real o’course. ;D Alright. Now lemme introduce the characters. 😀

Rapunzel the Princess
*She’s so pretty no? Even as a cartoon! ;D*

Flynn Rider, the most charming and wanted bandit
*He really reminds me of Sinbad from the Adventures of Sinbad and he too is handsome even as a cartoon! ;D Oh, that’s not his real name though. It’ll be revealed later in the second-half of the movie*

Now, presenting my MOST favourite character from the movie!

Maximus the Smart Horse
*He is truly the star of the movie! Without him the movie would lose a huge portion of hilarity. He and Flynn are like dogs and cats. They can never stand the sight of each other even after Rapunzel ask them to reconcile :P*

And now moving to some of my favourite scenes. You can stop here cos this might be spoilers for you 😛

Oh the one in the dress is Pascal, Rapunzel’s best friend. Yea, i know. A chameleon? o.O Haha that’s what happens when you’re grounded in a tower for 18 freaking years
*This one is too cute right??*

Can you just imagine how long it takes for Rapunzel to comb her hair?? ;D

And this is my MOST favourite still from the movie. 🙂 Isn’t she supremely beautiful? 😀

SPOILER! *But i dislike the ending in which she’s short-haired. 😦 That part is essential though in order for her to live, and discover the new magic in her besides her hair, which is her tear*

Oh, now you can eat and drink Rapunzel too while watching Rapunzel! Too bad i watched the movie at a GSC cinema. Ooohhh, want that bottle! 😀

So? How can one not fall in love with Rapunzel?? Recommended to watch! 4.5/5! ;D

p/s: Syaer, nak gambar!! 😛

Signing off,


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  1. woi harga dia rm26.88 laaa. 34 lebih tu sebab service. okay kira la tu ek T_T

  2. woi sbb kira la aku masukkan. haha ;P

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