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December 22, 2010

We meet again! 🙂 Hehe I haven’t posted anything since the last few days ‘cos I was away for vacation. My parents thought that since our flights for umrah are now postponed to January, we should go on a holiday trip somewhere. So yeah, it was a 4-day-3-night trip, beginning early Saturday morning. We went to Terengganu, stayed there for a night, then to Kelantan, another night, and next to Pahang, another night and went back last Tuesday. Man, it was a very tiring and exhausting journey. -.- Felt good to meet my cousin, Piqah, who’s studying in Kelantan! Else me and my sister wouldn’t get a room to ourselves! ‘Cos we managed to force her to sleep at the hotel for the night despite her having class the next day. Hahaha. We stayed at the Renaissance hotel in Kelantan. I like everything about the room. Haha, never stayed at such room before. 😛 Hmm, if a room of a 5-star hotel in Kelantan looks like this, I wonder how the room of the hotel Shah Rukh stayed at in KL looks like. x) Somehow the thought of it thrills me, that’s why I got excited. Haha.

Oh! I’ve been watching Playful Kiss for the last few days and just finished watching! Done with all the episodes, the special editions, and even Seung Jo’s diaries! ;D Looooove the drama!! Despite Seung Jo’s late love confession to Ha Ni that boils my blood -.- , everything else is perfect! Seung Jo definitely makes up for it by being discretely romantic to Oh Ha Ni. x)) And dang, he looks so fine and good-looking as always! Haha, yea, I love Kim Hyun Joong. ;D All the hairstyles suit him! 😀 But what I like the most about the series is that the storyline is like only revolving between the two main characters. And that Ha Ni’s mother-in-law likes her from the start and does everything to get Ha Ni and Seung Jo closer to each other. And also, her disguises really tickle me. Hahaha. Poor Eun Jo, forced by his mother to abet with her xD Good thinking, Mr. Director. Have never watched a carefree, lighthearted drama like this before. “Tak menyakitkan hati.” Hahaha. But Ha Ni’s naivety sometimes angers me. x(

Gosh. It’s already Dec 23rd people!! O.O Only 10 effing days left before I start my lessons back!! T.T I don’t wanna go back to uni!! BWAAAAHHHHH. This semester break is too short. ='(((

But, I wish you all the best for tomorrow, Muhammad Hazique Ghazali. InsyaAllah 8A’s will be yours. 🙂 By tomorrow I mean, this morning. 😛

Signing off,

  1. 1) PERGI KELANTAN X BAGITAU AK OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!2)mana kau tgk playful kiss? beli full episodes ke online punya?3) how was ur brother's result?

  2. 1) HAHAHAHA SORRY SORRY AKU MMG NAK BAGITAU KO TAPI JADUAL SGT PACKED -.- PARENTS AKU PLAN MCM2 -.-" SO KALAU AKU BAGITAU PUN MCM TAKDE EFFECT. xP [TAK PAYAH UPPERCASE PUN TAKPE WAHAHAHA]2) huhuhu youtube sudah. yg special editions + seung jo's diaries tu kat epdrama.com3) hehehe alhamdulillah 8 A's ;D

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