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My February with My SRK ;)

February 19, 2011

Hi all! Praise be to God, I managed to meet SRK again this week. :) I was already very sad that I couldn’t follow him to Malacca that Sunday but God really has His own plans for me. :D The next day (Monday), I was still unsure that morning as to whether I should go to Malacca or not. But made up my mind and right after I finished my class at 4, I took the bus to Malacca. My car got damaged remember?? -.- And alone again this time. :sad: Reached Malacca at 7 something and straightaway went to the hotel Shah stayed in. I had Googled the night before about all the 5-star resorts in Malacca and had zeroed in on this one hotel. Wasn’t sure earlier but a friend said she’s quite sure about it. So yeah. Tried my luck and reached the hotel at 8 something. Asked the hotel security guy whether Shah was staying there and he said yes. “Yayyy!! :whoo:” Whoa. Never thought my instinct would be right! :D So waited at the lobby and suddenly songs from Shah’s hit movies started playing! God, I was starting to get more nervous!! :p This is truly something special for me. :) Feel like I’m in a totally different world already. :p Oh, I was the only fan there. I guess no one found out about his whereabout yet at that time. So yes, the hotel lobby was empty except for me and some hotel staffs. I was offered a drink and some thought that I was to check out when they saw my wheeled bag. :D Saw Boman first that night and greeted him. Aww he was so nice and even surprised to see me. :becky: Took a pic and talked a bit. Asked him whether the shoot has finished for the day but he said no. He got back early. :) Then later Farhan came back. Asked for a pic with him and he obliged. Love Farhan! Especially his voice! :p Then, after almost half an hour, every hotel staffs was like rushing, running, talking to their walkie talkie. “Shah Rukh Khan is on the way back.” :flame::flame::flame: Yeeeeeeees!! Getting more and more excited!!! :p This was really something new to me because I’ve never seen scenes like this before in real life. Let alone when Shah Rukh is the VVIP. :kiss: Hehe took out my “Still Reading Khan” book and a marker pen, getting my lines memorised to say to him. And there I saw his car parked in front. Walked slowly to the area as there were full of hotel staffs. And I saw him getting out of the car. Whoaaaaa!! His HAIR!! What actually happened to his hair??! :jaw: Lol. That was my first reaction. :pBut he looks HOT anyways!!! He was wearing a black short-sleeved shirt and shades. I wanted to approach him but he quickly walked to the buggy and Subhash and Yusuf were already putting his bags in the buggy. It was quite fast and I actually didn’t dare to approach him because he looked so damn exhausted!! His face looked sad and he only managed a weak smile to the staffs. Yes, he didn’t notice me. :Cry: I quickly walked farther in front but the buggy has already moved. ='( It’s okay, I told myself. I don’t mind if you guys would call me foolish for not taking pics of him during that time but if you were in my shoes, you won’t think of that. Because you would be so engrossed in his sad face. :hurt: That was the first time I’ve ever seen Shah like that. I could see that he was really tired cos his movement was somewhat slow.

Earlier I was told by the security guy that Shah would come down to have his dinner at the cafe at the lobby so I waited. Till midnight, he didn’t show up. So again I was told by another person that he took his dinner somewhere else. -.- Okay, then had a chat with this 1 person and he told me quite a few things about SRK. :D He even showed me a pic of SRK shooting in the jail. He snapped the pic secretly of course. :p Shah was wearing a complete prison uniform, all dressed in orange. :cool2: :faint2: So later that night my friend picked me up at the hotel and I went to her place.

The next morning I went back to the hotel at 8 something. Again, there was no one there. I kept seeing the same people at the hotel lobby that I’d started to feel embarrassed. :p But I shooed the feelings away. ;) While I was waiting, I talked to 3 local bodyguards of SRK and they were very surprised that I actually know Subhash Jain, Yusuf, and Yaseen. And they were also surprised to know about what I’ve been through to meet SRK. They told me a few things about him and at almost 10 am, SRK came to his car. I was very thrilled to see him!!!! :target: This time his electric shot hair is tied and he looks SO HOT I tell youuuuu!!!! xD I love how he’s experimenting with his looks! He was wearing a baggy beige long-sleeved shirt and shades. :love: If only the bodyguards let me talk to Shah it’d be better!! :rolleyes: They didn’t allow me to jump on him, as they would say. :p So I saw Shah sitting in the buggy moving to the car. As he walked I shouted his name and waved at him and he saw me and smiled and got into the Mercedes. :faint2: Mr Subhash then gave him a glass of juice and I saw him drinking it!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! This might be nothing to you but have never seen him eat or drink anything in real so this is something special for me and he looks soooooooo cute!!! :kiss: Looking down while sipping his drink, not a single movement. :love::love::love: Mr Subhash also saw me and gave me a oh-you-are-here smile. He and Yusuf got into the car and they went away to the shooting sets. I quickly got into a taxi I called earlier to follow the Mercedes but we couldn’t catch up. :p Of course right? Haha. And I went to the shooting sets which was the jail in Sungai Udang. Met 2 couples and another group of fans there who were waiting to see Shah too. We instantly got close and waited together under the hot sun. -.-” I was informed that on that day the Chief Minister of Malacca would be coming so we’ve been trying to get help to enter the jail area because only those with VIP passes can enter. Met a journalist and he promised us he would help us to see Shah. He passed our note to Shah and Shah was holding our note in the pics you’ve all been seeing! :D He apparently didn’t come out to see us even for awhile but I understand. There would be a commotion if he did. :) Instead, we managed to see glimpses of him from outside when he took pics with the Chief Minister. :flame: Hotness everywhere!!! Muscles everywhere!!! :faint2: Okay, so the whole day we didn’t get to see him so decided to go back to the hotel. That night there were about 15 of us. We waited and waited and got to meet Boman and Farhan. They were both so sweet especially Boman. Took pics and autographs. Joked around. Then I saw Shah’s car but he WASN’T there!! :Cry: I knew it!! Somebody must have told them about us!! :mad: The bodyguards told us to go home but we didn’t budge even a little. Waited till almost midnight and met Mr. Yusuf, Shah’s head of security. My, this guy really has very good memory. :O He was telling the other fans about me meeting Shah last November in KL. :confused2: He remembered me from the hotel and the airport. He was actually very surprised himself that I knew Shah was coming last time because no one was supposed to know about it. Lastly he told us that that night wasn’t possible. He also told us that the receptionist informed them that there were like 25 fans at the lobby so they had to get Shah into the villa via the back gate. :Cry: He didn’t promise us anything but said he’d try to help us the next morning.

And the next morning, Wednesday morning, I went to the hotel and met the other fans who stayed the night there. We saw our pic in the newspaper but thank God I wasn’t really visible as I was hiding. :eek: Met Mr Yusuf again that morning and he promised us that Shah would come to meet us before he went for shooting. :dance::dance: Hmmm he’s actually quite nice. :) And exactly 9:40 am the man we’d been waiting for arrived!!!! He was wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt and shades and the instant we saw him we started to scream his name and he smiled and gestured to us to give him the things to sign!!! :flame:I finally got my SRK book and pic of me with him autographed!!! :whoo::target: I SO loooooooved how smoothly he took out the pic of us from the book and carefully put it back inside after signing!! :love: We asked for a group photo and Shah immediately stood beside me and I was like….. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! :faint2::faint2::faint2: I quickly told him that I met him last November and he smiled at me and held my shoulder and said something but I couldn’t hear as it was quite noisy. :hurt: He put his hand on my shoulder and we took pics. :D And again I feel so petite. :p It was all very fast and the next second he was already in the car. Waved at him and he was gone. :) Gooooooooosh, I’m still speechless!!!!! The image of him looking at me is still stuck in my head!!!!! I mean, we were looking at each other as I was standing beside him so you can imagine how close his face was to mine!!!!! :p Gaaaaahhhhh I can even see his stubble clearly!!! :dance: Thanks so much Allah!!! Eventhough I didn’t get to have a conversation with him this time but it was all worth it!! Every meeting with Shah is the best moment of my life I feel like I’m on cloud nine!!! May more and better opportunities come my way and yours to meet SRK!!! :pray2::pray2::pray2: Thanks for reading! :grouphug: Sorry if the post is too long. ^^” Oh, Shah has checked out from the hotel on Friday morning and is already on the way back to Mumbai for some other commitments. :) See you in KL Shaaaaah!! If only it’s holidays then I would’ve followed him too to Langkawi. :p The hotel he’s gonna stay in there is sooooooo very beautiful!!! =D I am soooooo jealous of the fans who will be in Langkawi!! And hey, am quite surprised that no one actually knew where Shah Rukh stayed at in Malacca till yesterday, when the newspaper printed it out. 😛 Oh and hey, I got to wish him a HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE’S DAY too!! xP Meeting him on Valentine’s Day is already too special for me!! x))) And I’m veeeeeery grateful and glad that I found a few other SRK die-hard, fanatic, maniac fans of Shah Rukh who are just as demented as me!! xD Will miss you guys!! –> Cedah, Fiza, Erum, Fahad, Sabeeha, Raj, Nirmal, Sabeena, Asif, Wardah!! ;D See y’all soon!!

Signing off,

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