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I Scream for Ice Cream!

May 28, 2011

I’m back! Heehee. So how am I these days? Terrible. -.- I’ll tell you why. Almost a couple of weeks ago, my parents persuaded me to wear…braces. -.- After a few times of persuasion, I gave my nod. Truthfully, the second my mom voiced the idea to me, I got teary. Why? Even I don’t know the reason. I did cry. Well I still cry about it. Haha I know this sounds so foolish to you. I guess one of the reasons is because over the years, every time I stared into the mirror and smiled, I would put my index finger on top of my lips, covering the one ‘special’ misplaced tooth that ruins every picture of me. And to think that perhaps I’ll no longer be doing that anymore makes me emotional. =’) Lemme tell you I always lack confidence when I confront people. No one knows this because I always act casual in front of other people. And to think that I’d always been teased and laughed at and made fun of just because of ‘it’ really breaks my heart. Another reason I was quite reluctant at first is because I’m afraid if people will still tease me after they see my teeth is no more the same like before. Yes, I am that pessimistic.

So last week was my first meeting with the dentist. Thank God the clinic is just nearby else it would’ve made things difficult for my parents. Wait. I don’t know why I even bother writing about this. You must’ve already read or heard about this similar experience from anyone. I’ll just continue though. Okay so just like any other normal human being, you can say that I’m kinda afraid of those called dentists. Haha. But luckily mine is very nice. And it’s a she. :)) So during that first meeting, she examined my teeth, jaw, face structure and took an X-ray of my teeth. She then made a mold of it where she put this kinda gooey green dough pressed against my teeth and took it out after several minutes. This process is called impression to get the model of your teeth and gum so that the dentist can determine which tooth and how many must be plucked to put on the braces.

Then my next appointment was last Friday. This time I received the professional teeth cleaning treatment which included tooth scaling and tooth polishing. Oh I definitely hated this moment! Then the dentist took pictures of my teeth and jaw structure from each angle. -.- Next, came the process where I was put on 8 elastic separators which are also called spacers. Man, it huuuuuuuuurts! T.T Today is only the third day and I have to endure the pain for another 5 days. Well I didn’t really feel anything on the first day but yesterday, Saturday, which was the 2nd day was worse. I could feel some my teeth moving. Till the day before yesterday I still could feed myself hard food but not anymore. Now I can only eat soft food. T.T Porridge, mashed potatoes, yogurt, ice-cream, to name a few. But now I’m used to the pain. Though it sometimes gets difficult when I brush my teeth. And yes, at this moment I feel like all my teeth are gonna come out. -.-” Oh my separators are blue in colour. Like in this pic. ;D

You will feel as if there’s a piece of food caught between your teeth. Quite uncomfy, yeah. -.-” And now I’m using this toothbrush! Cute ain’t it? đŸ˜€ It even has LEGS! Hahaha. ;P Well, it’s actually my youngest bro’s but he has never used it before.

Well, that’s all for now. This Friday I’m gonna undergo a dental surgery to get rid of one wisdom tooth of mine. And probably will apply the braces only next week. Yesterday I watched some videos on YT as to how the surgery is done. What the hell I’m freaking out!!! x’O A doctor even used a hammer??! Okay, let’s just be cool… -.-” Signing off. Going to a distant relative’s wedding tomorrow.

Signing off,

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