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June 11, 2011

#10confessions was one of the trending topics on Twitter several days ago. So here are a few of mine.

1. There was a phase in my life where i hated, despised, and detested my brother. For REAL. But now we’re good. 🙂

2. I do hold grudges. ‘Cos i forgive, but i never forget.

3. Walked alone once in a dark alley at 6 in the morning.

4. Never liked my name when i was small. Well, that was then. 🙂

5. I prefer nights than mornings.

6. I’m so addicted to reading that i even read dictionaries.

7. Truthfully, i’ve never watched Ghost Rider till tonight (June 10, 2011). Hahah.

8. Dreamt of being an actor once. But thanks to my height, that dream is crushed. Hah.

9. Used to have a strange belief that if i saw splashes of droplet in the morn, my day would go bad.

10. I have a crush for Shah Rukh Khan. Any doubt?

Last Monday I underwent a dental surgery to remove my left wisdom tooth. Within two days, my cheek had swollen to the size of a fist. More or less so. Haha. Felt like I had goiter for awhile. But in my case it’s in the cheek and smaller. 😛 And I hate the pills called Papase they gave me to prevent the swell from getting bigger. Tasteless but I had to keep sucking. -.- Oh, went to the orthodontist just now ‘cos my parents thought I was supposed to wear those braces today. Turned out the orthodontist meant next Saturday. 😛

Anyways, congrats on your engagement Faden!! 😀 Never thought you’d be the first! ;D

*Can’t stop dancing to Jebal by Kim Hyun Joong ;D*

Signing off,

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